In what may seem something simple and straightforward, shaving your head can be as troublesome and rewarding as painting a piece of art. You can do it the right way, the wrong way and everyway in between. The key is to find the best method which suits you.

Shaving a head is certainly something you come to appreciate, especially after the mistakes. Having been a hairdresser for longer then I can remember, I’ve seen every kind of head you can imagine. The small ones, the large ones, bumpy, steep, thin, round and even triangle shaped heads. The point of the matter is, being a head shaving female or male gives you’re a sense of empowerment and puts an element of intrigue into anyone who glances in your direction.

The thing is, for as long as I’ve cut and styled hair, the shape of someone’s head never mattered, unless the hair style depended on it. But when shaving a head, everything changes. Care factor increases ten-fold. I have shaved heads of all sizes shapes and colors, regardless of the gender his or her head shaving requires a steady hand and a trustworthy patron.

You wouldn’t think it, would you? On the surface wet or electric razor head shaving appears to be simple, but what you come to know and respect is that when shaving a head, the results are ten times more visible than just a simple cut and style.

You can brush hair, push hair, tie hair, fling hair, blow hair, sing and dance and it has a way of fixing itself. Hair moves and molds itself to a persons head if cut correctly. This is the biggest secret among hairdressers.

Many people believe that the key to choosing a great hair dresser lies within how much money they charge for a cut. This is totally false, we hairdressers know that the secret to finding the right person to execute the hair style or head shaving process, is a person that can be creative, enjoy what they do and most importantly, somebody who gives the client their utmost attention.

When I was shaving my head for the first time, I was quite worried about what my clients would think. As with everything different, it just takes some getting used to, and some time to grow on you, no pun intended.

Now, shaving someone else’s head is different. If you make the slightest mistake when shaving it, the results are visible a mile away. You have to adapt to all the different shapes and contours. You can’t leave it for weeks either, in less then a few days, it’s time to do it again.

When shaving a head you have to clip it down short enough for an electric or wet razor. That’s the easy bit. Then you have to figure out in which direction the hair grows. The fact of the matter is practice makes perfect it always does, but why not jump ahead a few spots in the queue by learning head shaving tips from people who simply have the experience to back up their suggestions and can do it with their eyes closed.

Hair is as unique as snow flakes. Some people have really thin hair, spaced out hair, heavy hair, light hair, curly hair, good hair and bad hair. It’s the combinations of all of these that give hair its variety and complexity.

So, even before thinking about shaving a head, I first identify what kind and in which direction it grows. Then it’s lather time.

Before the lather, a nice hot wash is performed to moisten the hair and scalp. This makes the head nice and soft ensuring a smooth shave and fantastic result.

Regardless of the person, whether it is men or women shaving their head, I would either use an electric or wet razor and sometimes both. It all comes down to what you’re comfortable with and what gets the job done most efficiently. For the best results, I think you should use a combination of both.

At this point, I lather up the persons head with gel. I make sure to massage it in well but always remember not to put on too much. There are two reasons for this.

You don’t want to completely cover the head because it becomes difficult to see the hair and scalp. By doing this you increase the chance of razor burn or a cut because you can’t see what you’re doing.

Also, lather dries the scalp causing flaky skin. This isn’t very pretty with no hair to cover it up.

Throughout the ages, head shaving has existed to form part of traditional rituals. Cultural head shaving has been a very large element of tradition for many different people around the world. Each of whom who carry their own meaning and purpose. However, the fact of the matter is, it is a statement, a symbol and in this context a sense of belonging to something greater.

Many Asian cultures such as monks shave their head as an example of their rejection of all things which are un-holy. There have been instances of people dedicating their lives to documenting, understanding and interpreting cultures in which it has become so significant in the journey of life. Rituals carried out by such people include the Buddhism shaving head ceremony that is performed during the process of becoming a monk.

Now, let’s get back to the process. Actually shaving the head, this is where the fun begins. One millimeter at a time, you shave with or against the grain. If you’re using an electric razor, the same care and patience is required but the water and lather aren’t necessary, although you can use them if you like. Anything that makes the process as seamless and efficient as possible should be taken into consideration. Throughout the years I have spoken to many people who all have their own unique tips for shaving your head bald, each of them should be put into practice or considered to determine if it suits you and your head.

After making the journey around the head, it’s time to apply some warm water and use your fingers to feel for any bits that are longer than the rest. These are easily fixed.

A quick rinse and pat dry with a warm towel and hopefully you have a head worth looking at and a face to match.

If you’re looking at shaving your head, you’re at the right place. Our site contains everything you need to get started and keep going. Simplify the process and minimize the risks of head shaving, with all the right information and tools.

Keep reading. You won’t regret it.

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