Which of these lesions have a direct impact on your performance in the gym?

Do you do some work now to reduce the impact of these injuries?

In an ideal world, the answer to these questions would be a zero. Unfortunately things do not work well. So now classify the specific injuries of the upper body, lower body specific and related to the core. Problems in the shoulder or wrist tendinitis fall into the category of upper body injuries, pain in the knee or plantar pain in lower body, back pain or back pain fall into the category of lesions in the nucleus.

So now what? Implement appropriate exercises to correct these problems.

Two. Active Recovery. Actually this is as simple as it sounds. Active recovery is simply the exercise that is used for recovery. While this may sound a bit counterproductive, studies have shown that this not only improves recovery in the mental level but also at the physical level.

Something as simple as running can greatly assist in your recovery. You can use low-impact plyometrics. Choose one or two exercises. The key to an active recovery is to keep the volume very low intensity. 2 or 3 sets to your 50% is something to which to point.

Three. Finally, it is also useful to have a reduced training period. This short period lets you recover from a period of high load or intensity. FREQUENCY can reduce the volume, intensity, or a combination of the three. The goal is simply to make less effort. In most cases, people are simply doing much exercise without enough rest.

Incorporates these three techniques for maximum injury prevention

Perfectly recalls maintain the intensity and low volume.

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