How to Use Incense Cones

Incense cones can be used as an air freshener, combined in aroma therapy practice, yoga, meditation or just as an atmosphere setter. That is a unique characteristic of incense as a whole; they can be used for relaxation as well as energizing.

A great way to refresh a house before any occasion, make sure to close all doors & windows while the incense does the work. Wait 30 minutes and wooallah, every room is breathtaking!


Incense cones

Tray burner



#1 All specialty stores usually carry cone tray burners that can be purchased for under $20.In case no special burner is available or the store is closed and the cones have been collecting dust on the table, not to worry. Use a shallow, metal or ceramic bowl at least four inches in diameter, to allow proper air circulation which will prevent cones going out mid way.

#2 Add sand to the tray burner and flatten it out by moving it side-to-side.

#3 Place the cone in the middle of a heat proof container pointing straight up.

#4 Using a lighter, matches or a candle, light the tip of the cone. Containers can get very hot; make sure the burner is on a heat insulated surface and not glass or wood table top.

#5 Wait 5-10 seconds to let the flame burn the tip just a little bit. To start the smudging process, lightly blow the flame out, so the ashes don’t blow away. Feather or a piece of paper both can be gently fanned to extinguish the fire. Red glow will start showing through the tip of burned ash and smoke will be lifting of the top of the cone, twirling in the air while releasing the pleasant fragrance of fine oils.


Caution, do not use aluminum or copper bowls as they contain traces of toxic elements! Never leave cones burning unattended. Many dangerous things are waiting to happen especially if small children, cat or dogs are present in the house; wind is another strong factor of accidents.


When the cone had burned all the way through, leave it to cool of till the next day or for a few hours if need to be used again. Before disposing the remains of the cone make sure the burner and ashes are not hot to the touch. Do not necessarily touch them; just hover the hands over to feel the heat. If the cone keeps going out there might be a few reasons why: not all cones are made of equal quality, the cones might have been exposed to moisture or burner is not allowing enough oxygen to keep the cone smudging.

Storing tip: Keep cones in a cool, dry, dark place.  This can be an airtight container or a wooden box, glass jar, even some plastic containers will work as long as it has tightly sealed lid.