The creation of a balanced diet, is an arduous and complex, so knowledge is required to perform such a diet.

A balanced diet is a varied diet full of vitamins and giving preference to consume fresh produce. Today, in this fast moving world, many people have been dropping their health with all the problems it can cause, including being able to have a healthy life. Also, a balanced diet, will depend on various factors, such as gender, height, age, wrist width, in short, the ideal weight and the number of calories your body needs to maintain that weight.

Create a balanced diet in a completely automatic and free, creating a weekly menu with corresponding healthy recipes, even a shopping list with everything the user needs to purchase cooking recipes for that week is a job that no one does.

We must not confuse a balanced diet with the typical diets to lose weight, if an overweight person follow a balanced diet will get your ideal weight, but not quickly and miraculous, but remain constant and time passes, everything depends on each person overweight

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