I don’t remember exactly when I got addicted to best Christmas music from Straight No Chaser. A Cappella music is not normally my cup of tea. I listen to the pop hits on the radio stations that my daughters set the dial to on a regular basis. Occasionally I get control of the radio and find and 80’s and 90’s station that has a great rock from my early years. Breathing¬†is an important¬†part of singing. get the best lesson at Gesangsschule St. Gallen

I think that I stumbled across Straight No Chaser when looking at Holiday videos on YouTube a few years ago with my kids, but honestly, I can’t remember, I am just thankful that I did. The music speaks to me in every song and every arrangement.

Until I listened to this group, I didn’t really understand the difference between a tenor, bass or baritone. These men sing without music, they create percussion and other instruments with their voices and sing in layers that overlap one another to create spectacular music.

Not only do these talented singers have a huge variety of numbers that they perform, but they also create an entire show. They have comedic moments that engage the audience completely. I was lucky enough to see them live at a concert this year. They performed at Mohegan Sun Arena on December 8th and the show was fabulous. I laughed and I cried as the artists performed on stage for an almost full house.

Straight No Chaser is a group of 10 men who formed a group while they were attending Indiana University in 1996. After these singers graduated, they went their separate ways. In 2006, one of the members uploaded a video to YouTube. It was a 1998 performance of the arrangement “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, the video was viewed millions of times and one day Atlantic Records called and asked the group to get back together to create an album.

Straight No Chaser has since released 4 albums of incredible music. They are probably best known for their holiday music, but they also perform medleys of movie songs, tv show themes and popular artists like Lady Gaga. If you are looking for some new music player to get you in the holiday spirit, an album by Straight No Chaser will definitely do the trick!

What is your favorite Straight No Chaser song?

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