You see? It wasn’t so bad. You clearly survived Blue Monday which, due to the grey weather, post-Christmas skintness and general lack of cheer is supposed to be the worst day of the year. If you can get through that in one piece, then you should be just fine for the rest of the year, trust us! But to help bolster you through the harder days here are 10 top tips to help you stay happy in 2017:

1. Try to Think Positive

This tip always sound hard if you are feeling blue, but you really can think your way into a better frame of mind in many instances. If your job’s awful, think about the fantastic new one you can start working towards securing. If you are concerned about your health, think of ways that you can start an uplifting new regime. If you are simply worried about the state of the world in general, start thinking of changes you can make which will make it a better place. Read on for more ways to think yourself feel better and stay happy…

2.  Enjoy Some Exercise

Do take regular aerobic exercise and it will do you the world of good. Anything that gets you moving and that you really enjoy — walking, running, dancing, swimming, trampolining, cycling— will ensure that your body is flooded with happy hormones, endorphins, will help you burn off stress and leave you feeling calmer. Not to mention all the absolute brilliant toning, calorie-burning, fat-busting things exercise can do for your body, which will help you stay happy all over!

3. Eat Right, Day and Night

It is incredibly important that you eat the right things to help you stay happy. Filling yourself up with cheap, starchy, sugary rubbish might make you feel a rush or sated for a minute or two, but the cash will inevitably follow and in the longer term this way of eating will do you a lot of harm. The great new is, that if you eat foods that genuinely help you to stay happy in your body, mind and soul, then you will not only benefit hugely, but you can normally eat more of them too! Have fun discovering healthy recipes here on Qooton – full of fresh vegetables, fruits, fiber and super foods and eat well all year long.

4. Come into the Light

If you feel a little blue at present, regardless of what day it might be, it could be that you are not getting enough natural light. Natural daylight and bright sunlight help to stabilize the levels of serotonin and can trigger beneficial endorphin, both of which are key hormones when it comes to boosting the mood.

Never forget: we are animals with primal responses and it can be vital to satisfy some of these needs if we are going to stay happy. Try to get outside into the open air for at least ten minutes each day. Our grandparents may have talked about “blowing the cobwebs off” with a bit of fresh air and the truth is… it really does work! Go into the light and feel revitalized and reinvigorate.

Stay Happy Keep Learning

If you’re worried that you are falling behind in terms of your skills and education, then you are sure to find it harder to stay happier. The key to a better, more rewarding life is to make sure that you keep on re-skilling yourself: keep on learning.

One great way to do this is to identify an area of particular interest and then to take a course in it. This may seem prohibitive as it is an expensive undertaking for many people, but the fabulous news is that there are a number of exceptionally good value deals out there for courses, especially at this time of year. Whether you want to further your knowledge of a particular business discipline, or whether you want to learn new skills in order to obtain your new dream job, there is something for you, possibly at a bargain price and without leaving the comfort of your own lovely home: try looking at Group Online Courses for starter.

Stay Happy

Smile More, Every Day

You know exactly how the song goes:

Smile though your heart is aching

Smile even though its breaking

When there are clouds in the sky, you’ll get by

So, in other words… smile. Whenever you smile, your brain receives a huge payload of feel-good chemicals and your body relaxes enormously, so much so that your blood pressure may even be lowered. What’s more, if you smile you will make other people smile and so it goes, on and on, until the world is a happier place and better able to stay happy.

But, you have to ask, what exactly should you be smiling at? Well… if you can conjure up a merry face at the thought of a baby’s gurgle or perfect symphony, try more personal inspiration. What do you have to be happy about today. Maybe you woke up full of energy and health, or your children are in a great mood or simply maybe because you have enough money to buy some ingredients for a nice dinner. It is good to be grateful: it makes you feel optimistic and more likely to smile. If that doesn’t work and if you are feeling to tired, blue and immune to the blessing is your life, try volunteering – spend time at a homeless shelter, hostel or old people’s home. As well as helping out, you may be tempted to smile to encourage those who are far worse off. Moreover, you’ll smile even more because you will be feeling both grateful for your own relatively happy circumstances and very good indeed! But more than that you will smile because it is good just to give, for its own sake.

Stay Happy… All Year Long

So, there you go, a number of key ways in which you can stay happy from now until the next New Year and far beyond. If you feel the shadows of the blues creeping in once again, simply give yourself a ‘happiness review’ and look at what you can change for the better. Keep checking back to for more ideas to help you stay happy – we’re here to put a big smile on your face, after all!

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