Vin Diesel (he adopted his stage name because his friends told him he had boundless energy) is a good nutrition from a high intake of carbohydrates needed by removing proteins from fruits and vegetables. Also distributes meals in no less than 6 meals spaced no more than 3 hours. As we can see is a typical fitness diet fledged.


Vin has never disclosed his exact routine training but has revealed that his training consists of daily weightlifting routine that always tries to combine the classic exercises like bench pres, shoulder presses, pulldowns and exercises with its own weight dominated body as all types, push-ups and funds with different angles in each session.

Also combines different types of cardio like cycling, running or swimming whenever possible outdoors (must be amazing to see this man running through the streets of New York). It has also recognized that not forget to do jiu jitsu sessions, Yoga and Pilates in order to increase flexibility and balance.

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