What Are the Six Foods that Ward Off Aging?

Six Foods that Ward Off Aging

There might not be a fountain of youth, but you may find just what you need at the local grocery store! Did you know that there are Six Foods that Ward Off Aging? These six foods will help reverse your aging process if you will just eat them.

Six Foods that Ward Off Aging

  1. Spinach
  2. Strawberries
  3. Curry Powder
  4. Tomatoes
  5. Almonds
  6. Dark Chocolate

I know – start with the best first – chocolate! Chocolate is full of the chemicals that help blood vessels relax. This will help in the prevention of heart attacks and stroke. Chocolate actually helps to lower your blood pressure.

Almonds are another great food that can be used for the mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. Almonds help to reduce the free radicals in your body. Researchers are recommending 50 almonds a day. Try adding almonds to your breakfast cereal. It is tasty and gives the cereal a good “crunch”.

Tomatoes are full of lycopene which protects your skin from oxidation. Oxidation comes from the sun damage your skin receives. The more oxidation you have – the more wrinkles – and none of us want more wrinkles. By adding just a tch of olive oil to your tomato consumption will help your body utilize the lycopene.

Curry powder is full of the antioxidant curcumin, which protects your body from Alzheimer’s. Did you realize that in India, where curry is a prominent spice, that the rate of Alzheimer’s Disease is only 1/4 of that of the U.S.? Maybe we should be adding curry to some of our dishes.

Strawberries are rich in polyphenols, which help boost memory and communication!

If you are interested in keeping young and vibrant, maybe you should consider adding these six anti-aging foods to your next grocery list. I have added a great recipe that ustilizes most of these foods below.

Spinach Strawberry Salad

  • 1 pound spinach leaves (even if they say pre-washed, wash them again and dry with a towel)
  • 1 medium tomato – diced
  • 1/4 cup sliced almonds
  • 1 pint sliced strawberries
  • 1/3 cup raspberry vinegar
  • 1 tsp. dry mustard
  • 1 tsp season salt
  • 1/4 cup Xylitol (this is a natural sugar)
  • 1 cup Olive Oil
  • 1 1/2 tsp. poppy seeds
  • Put the spinach, strawberries and tomatoes together in a bowl.
  • Place the almonds on a cookie sheet and bake for about 5 – 7 minutes at 350 degrees- stir often

Mix all of the dressing ingredients together (except the poppy seeds) while you are baking the almonds. It is easier to place all of the ingredients for the dressing in a blender or food processor and mix. After the almonds are done put them on your salad – this may wilt some of the spinach. Mix the poppy seeds into your dressing by hand and then pour the dressing over your salad. To make this salad rock with health benefits, take a small amount of the salad and put just a touch of curry on it. Do you like it? Just don’t put too much curry on it as curry is very strong. A little goes a long way.

Enjoy this healthy, anti-aging salad!

Diet tip of the Day: Staying on a healthy diet is not hard at all. Find ways to change up your diet by searching for new recipes that use the ingredients you like.

Remove Skin Tags Naturally – Fast Wart Removal, Mole and Wart Free in 3 Days

remove skin tags naturally

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1. All methods use easily obtained natural ingredients that tackle the problem. The Natural Skin Tag Removal methods also work on external genital warts, but consultation with your local GP is advised if you have had the condition for a prolonged period of time as the risk of complications increase the longer genital warts go untreated.

2. All Wart and Mole Removal treatments use natural ingredients and there have been no reported side effects. Scars are more associated with surgical procedures than with natural treatment methods.

3. There are many specialists who are aware of these fast skin tag removal methods and who have written about them in various publications. However, most specialists will prescribe medication as it is much easier and quicker for them to do that rather than explain each process to every person with a mole, wart or skin tag affliction.

Remove Skin Tags Naturally can be quick and easy!

What’s the best way to go about skin tag removing?

I know many of you would wonder whats the best way Togo about skin tag removal. There are quite a few conventional and natural methods that can be used to treat skin tag condition. Depending on the size and location of skin tags one of the conventional methods is adopted. These procedures include – scalpel, electrocute, laser treatment or Liquid nitrogen freezing. Using a scalpel a physician can quickly remove skin tags under local anesthesia.

All other treatments (electrocute, laser treatment or Liquid nitrogen freezing) are aimed at cutting the blood supply to skin tags either, by burning or freezing them. So that they dry and detach themselves in a few days. Although these procedures can free you from skin tags, in most cases they also leave you with noticeable scars which we all hate. Especially if this procedures are done on face. Also Most people tend to get these skin tags back after a period of 2 to 3 years and sometimes with vengeance.

Natural technique for skin tag removing- Nice and simple.

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There are quite a few natural techniques that you could use as home remedies that are surprisingly fast and effective. These natural remedies give a permanent solution to the skin tag condition so you don’t have to worry about- any bleeding, burning, or fee zing- or their after effects.

These methods are completely painless and work without leaving any scars. These remedies also work for removing any moles or warts on your body as well. Check out the link skin tags removing sure fire way!


What Causes Bed Bugs and How to Prevent ?

what causes bed bugs

Bed Bugs Causes

What causes bed bugs? well, every people already know that bedbugs have been around even since the biblical days. However, bedbugs have become huge issues in a lot of cities and towns so that they have to be eliminated.

While bedbugs are annoying, the public find it difficult to get rid of them. All of folks have tried everything while searching for information related with bedbugs. It seems that getting rid of bedbugs is not as easy as it seems to be.

What Are Bed Bugs?


Before discussing further about how to get rid of bed bugs, it would be better if we learn more information about bed bugs. Bed bugs are insects that feed from the blood of animals and people. Bed bugs may vary in shade and sizes, most of them are about 4mm long and brown. The reason why bed bugs have become huge concerns is they capable to multiply and the process may develop rapidly.

Two things they love the most are carbon monoxide and food supply. The scary thing concerning bed bugs is that they capable live up to 18 months even without a blood feast. While they capable to find a host with a nice bed and food supply, they are ready to ruin our life. With their characteristics like the ability to survive against high temperature and lack of food, bed bugs have become the topic that a lot of folks consider it seriously.

Bed Bugs Everywhere!

Now if you want to know what causes bed bugs, you will be surprised how bed bugs may be found anywhere. For example, in the big cities where there are large concentrations of people in public institutions, public transportation and other places too, you won’t find any difficulty to find bed bugs. Any folks who take a lot of trip may take this insect and bring it to the home. Due to this reason, we may say too that it is almost difficult even impossible to prevent them from coming to our home. So what should we do? Well, there are several things you may do such as bringing a sort of pesticide which will come in handy once you take a trip a lot. You may use it in the hotel room or in the suitcase. At home, you may wash all the clothes and check whether or not there are eggs or adult bugs. At least, doing these things will help you to minimize the risk of carrying bed bugs to the home.

Where to Find Bed Bugs

Getting rid of bed bugs may require some extra work and effort. The reason is because simple cleaning methods won’t be much effective once dealing with bed bugs. While learn concerning what causes bed bugs is important, you have to know a common places where you may find bed bugs too. The following are the common places where you may find bed bugs:

  • Wall paper seams
  • Electrical boxes
  • Cracks in wood molding
  • Inside phones, clocks, smoke detectors, television sets
  • In laundry
  • Bedding and furniture, newer mattresses, secondhand beds
  • Floor cracks
  • Amongst clothing stored in the closets

As mentioned earlier, infested curtains, bedding, soft toys and garments may not be treated with insecticide, the only solution available is to use a steam cleaner or they have to be laundered in the hot water. Aside from using a steam cleaner, you may put the infected items in the freezer too. Since bed bugs won’t be able to survive below freezing temperature.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

While bed bugs are so troublesome and considered to one of the most difficult bug infestations, there are a few tips which will help you to get rid of bed bugs effectively. The following are a tips you have to know:
Clear the room and get rid of anything that you think you don’t need them anymore. It could be the books, magazines, newspapers and other stuff. Collect all of them and put them into a plastic bag.

  • The next step is to remove all clothing and bedding and put them in the sealed bags. Launder these items at the high temperature. The items that can’t be laundered may be put in the tumble dryer. The other option is to use a steam cleaner which may be so effective to get rid of these pests.
  • Once you have cleared the room, vacuum all the area including curtains, soft furnishings and furniture. Even some weird places should be checked like the alarm clocks, light switches and smoke alarms.
  • Since bed bugs can’t withstand against heat, using a steam cleaner would be a good idea.

Bed Bugs Treatment Products to Consider

When searching for a bed bugs treatment products, most of these products are categorized into three types:
Contact Insecticides: These products contain one or more pyrethoids which will kill the bugs shortly after making the contact. These products have to be applied in the area like the crevices and cracks where bugs hide.
Insecticidal dust: These products contain silica powder or finely ground glass which will make the bugs to dry out. These products have to be applied to the area like the wall voids, crevices, cracks, attics and hollows. Keep in mind not to use these products over the carpets or under carpets
Insect growth regulators: These products don’t kill the bed bugs as they only affect the reproduction cycle of the insects
Some Changes You Can Make
After knowing some information about what causes bed bugs, the other thing you should know is to keep bed bugs gone forever. Well, there are some tasks you can do. The following are some tasks you should do:

  • Glue down the loosened wallpaper and repair cracks in the plaster
  • Seal all screen openings, caulk and seal all holes
  • Using some home remedies such as applying bleach can be a good idea

Overall, getting rid of bed bugs is not as easy as other people think. Although bed bugs are quite persistent, with some tips mentioned above, it is possible to get rid of bed bugs and keep them gone forever from your home. There is nothing better than knowing about what causes bed bugs and how you can get rid of them effectively.

Asthma Remedies You Can Try at Home

asthma remedies

Home asthma treatment & asthma remedies can help you manage this disease that afflicts some twenty million Americans, or approximately one in fifteen. There is no cure for asthma, but the disease can be managed to help relieve the symptoms. Here are some natural asthma treatments you can try at home:

1. Buteyko Breathing Technique: This technique can help you breathe more easily during an asthma attack by raising the levels of carbon dioxide in your blood through shallow breathing exercises.

2. Omega 3 fatty acids: These healthy fats can help reduce the levels of arachidonic acid in your blood. Arachidonic acid has been linked to susceptibility to asthma attacks. You can increase your intake of Omega-3 fatty acids by taking fish oil capsules as well as eating Omega 3-rich foods such as walnuts, sardines, olive oil and fish such as salmon and tuna.

3. Relaxation exercises: Stress has been identified as a major trigger for asthma attacks. To relieve stress, try a regular meditation routine as well as deep breathing exercises.

4. Boswellia: This herb has traditionally been used in Ayurvedic medicine and preliminary research has shown that Boswellia can be effective in inhibiting the formation of leukotrines, a substance that causes narrowing of airways. If you take Boswellia tablets, they should contain at least 60% boswellic acids.

5. Regular exercise: Light aerobic exercises such as swimming, biking, treadmill workouts and brisk walking can help you breathe more easily. However, asthmatics should avoid exercises that require long periods of exertion such as basketball and distance running.

6. Bromelain: This extract from the juice and stem of pineapples has been seen as helping relieve asthma attacks by reducing airway inflammation. Bromelain is available in capsule or tablet form.

7. Butturbur: Extracts from the root of the butterbur shrub has been found to complement the effects of asthma medication such as inhalers by improving their anti-inflammatory effect.

8. Weight loss: Being overweight and obese is considered risk factors developing asthma. Undertake a healthy weight loss program that includes both exercise and a nutritious diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables.

9. Stop smoking: Tobacco smoke has been identified as an irritant that can cause asthma attacks. And even non-smokers can suffer since second-hand smoke is also a trigger for asthma, particularly in children and teenagers.

10. Avoid nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory drugs: Some asthma sufferers are sensitive to these drugs, as well as to aspirin, which acts in the same way, so they should avoid these medications. Use safer alternatives such as sodium salicylate and acetaminophen.

11. Turmeric: This spice derived from the root of the yellow ginger plant has traditionally been used to treat inflammation. You can add turmeric powder to food or have it processed into capsule form to make it easier to take.

Hope these Asthma Remedies will help you to get rid off from this disease quickly.

What You Need to Know about Gluten Free Eating

gluten free eating


A gluten free eating is necessary for those with celiac disease, latent celiac disease or those who are sensitive or intolerant to wheat products. Unfortunately, true celiacs must avoid even small amounts of gluten in their diet or their health may be compromised.

Gluten is a sticky protein that for some individuals causes an autoimmune reaction to produces antibodies which attack and destroy the villi in the small intestine. Chronic villi damage leads to malabsorpotion of essential nutrients, specifically calcium, iron and folic acid. Studies have shown that celiacs not adhering to a gluten-free diet have an increased risk of lymphoma. Other diseases such as diabetes, thyroid disease, arthritis and lupus have been associated with celiac disease.

Various Gluten Free Food

Gluten is found in grains such as wheat, barley, malt, rye and to some extent oats. Hidden gluten can be troublesome to the unsuspecting. Soups and gravies, for instance, are often thickened with wheat flour. Cross contamination can be a problem when sharing a toaster or eating products produced in locations that also produce wheat products.

If you are making the switch to gluten-free products, you can include rice, potatoes, corn, vegetables, fruit, eggs, cheese, milk, meat, fish, nuts, seeds, and beans and products made from these. Labels must be read and questions asked when eating out to make sure the meal hasn’t been battered, breaded, stuffed, thickened or augmented with wheat flour or other gluten-laden products. Salads need to be crouton-free. Hamburgers need to be breadcrumb free.

The difficulty for some comes in replacing the “bread group” of their diet. Giving up their favorite pasta, pizza, cakes, cookies and other tempting bakery items is a high call. Changing over to a gluten-free diet is also complicated. Every breakfast cereal and many common snacks have to be rethought. Finding the right products can be time-consuming. Finding something on a restaurant menu, at a drive-thru or at a party can also be challenging.

The good news is that new gluten-free products are being created every day and can be ordered online from a variety of sources. Recently, more and more gluten-free products are springing up in common grocery and drug stores. Check the organic department of your store. Gluten-free breads do not contain preservatives, so may be found in a cooler or freezer section. Make sure you refrigerate or freeze them when you bring them home.

When changing to a gluten free eating, replace wheat pasta with rice or corn pasta. Premade breads, bagels and even pizza crusts are available that are made with rice, tapioca, potato or bean flours. Alternatively, gluten-free flours are available for those who would like to make their own breads. Gluten-free snacks including crackers and cookies are also available. Because the texture and taste of gluten-free bread is sometimes dry, you may want to toast them.

Always read the food labels on products, even for items you think would not contain gluten. There may be an advisory label alerting you to possible cross-contamination of a product. It may say, “This product may contain wheat”, or “Produced in a plant that produces products made with wheat”, and so on. You will have to decide whether you will include foods of this nature in your diet.

Going gluten-free is a process of including the right variety of foods in your diet, and substituting your grains on a continuous basis. Try a variety of products so that you can decide on the ones you find most palatable. Going gluten-free may resolve a variety of health issues and may save your life if you are headed for full-blown celiac disease.

Tips for Planning a Healthy Diet for the Overweight

Healthy Diet

Tips for planning a Healthy Diet are needed for those who gets frustration with their over weights and again and again failed weight loss programs. The tips for a Healthy Diet below is guaranteed can help you to solve the problems since it has been practiced by many people successfully.

Tips for Planning a Healthy Diet Don’t Think the Numbers

When you are planning a Healthy Diet, you should at first have a concept in mind that the planning you do cannot drastically lose your weight but change is gradually. You should also notice that to lose your weight, you need a huge commitment to do the programs.

The first tips that you can do is avoid of thinking numbers for calories or portions. Change it by concerning about variety, color and freshness. You can start by finding delicious easy recipes with includes few fresh ingredients so that you still can find healthy and delicious food during your diet.

One of tips for planning a Healthy Diet that you can do is try to make a small step for a small change only. Expecting for a big changing can lead you to give up on the programs. You can do small change like eating much color vegetables and replace butter with olive oil to fry.

Just make it as a habit.

Now,do not drastically get rid of food you like because it will be very suck. Remember, that doing diet program is to have more energy, so just do it slowly and gradually.

Tips for Planning a Healthy Diet Pick Up Small Size

Tips for Planning a Healthy Diet

One of the tips that you can do is try of not to stick on the some particular foods as the measurement. It is because when you avoid certain foods, in your mind actually you are really eager to consume it. This temptation usually leads to a failure. You can start by decreasing the portion also sizes and make it not often to consume it.

Another advice that you can do is pick up the small size when you have to eat in the restaurants. You can pick up a starter and split the dish with your friend. When you are at home, you can use small plate. You can also put your meal like a deck of card so that it the plate looks full of food.

Producing Enzymes to Digest Food for Weight Loss

In order to digest the food for weight loss, the stomach has to produce certain enzymes. These enzymes are in the form of either alkaline or acidic and will work to break down the food, at the same time as drawing out the vital nutrients. At what time someone eats food for weight loss that needs both alkaline and acidic enzymes all at once; those enzymes will neutralize one to another, making it hard for the body to absorb the meal.

Different food for weight loss requires different sums of time to digest. Proteins by and large take up to eight hours, whereas fruits take no more than 30 minutes. When a dieter mixes foods with diverse digestion times, a quantity of food will be left inside the stomach, undigested for quite long periods. This will slow the metabolism, at the same time as preventing a quantity of nutrients from being absorbed.

Eating the proper food combinations aids dieters lose weight both safely and naturally. This diet helps with digestion and optimally keeps it running because the stomach effectively digests the food for weight loss.

Summary: Food for weight loss is just right for the dieters. It is important to know the right combinations so that the food can be digested effectively.

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