Make Simple Pancakes With Pictures

Thin and Fluffy Pancakes


–    1   Cups of WHITE FLOUR. Use any kind. I mix 1 1/4 of white and 1/4 whole wheat

–    2 Cups of MILK. Preferably room temperature if not, then warm the milk up a bit.

–    1 Large EGG, depending on what consistency you want the pancakes to be more eggs can be added. Play around 🙂

–    Pinch of Non-Iodized SALT

–    1 Tea spoon of VANILLA EXTRACT

–    1 Table spoon of OIL Any kind will do, please do not use butter or margarine!

–    1 Tea spoon of BAKING POWDER. Or baking soda as a substitute.

–    1 Table spoon of BROWN SUGAR. White sugar or powdered will do just fine.


  • Separate whites from the yokes and place them into two different mixing bowls; put the bowl with an egg whites in a fridge. Add salt, sugar and a little bit of milk to the yolks, mix it lightly (10 sec) with an egg beater or a whisk. Pour the rest of the milk and vanilla sub into the egg mixture, mix until foam appears.  Using a sifter, sift the flour in gradually and mix everything thoroughly.
  • Take the whites out of the fridge, add baking powder and oil. Mix until white and fluffy, about 2 mutes. Pour egg white mixture into the other bowl and mix for approximately 4-5 min.
  • Heat the skillet up and add oil, I prefer using lard. Pour a small pancake to test the heat, as each pan will be different. Turn the heat down to med-high or med and keep it there thought out cooking. Smother/ brush each pancake with butter or lard as it comes of the pan to keep it soft.

Make sure to keep it the plate with pancakes covered with a towel and foil underneath, which will not only keep them warm but will make them sweat you will taste the difference with each bite when the pancakes melt in your mouth!


  • Sprinkle a mix or confectioner sugar and cinnamon on top of a pancakes before serving.
  • Garnish pancakes with fresh fruits, whipped cream, ice cream, chocolate, jam play around with this, anything will work!

Add Nesquick or real cocoa powder to turn vanilla pancakes to chocolate once! Kinds love chocolate anything and so do i! 🙂 ENJOY