Make a Paper Christmas Tree

Wanna spruce up an ordinary boring night and make something fun? It is very easy, here is what you need: a couple of good friends, paper, preferably green, scissors, scotch tape or glue dots, a piece of wire (an old metal hanger works well) a few beers and a CD with Christmas songs to keep the spirit going lol =) Although by now you are probably tired of hearing Christmas songs as they accompany you on every corner, in that case any good music or a movie will work!

Let’s get Started.

  • #1 Draw two circles on construction paper using a bowl and a cup, divide the circle in half, then in quarters and each quarter into three sections. Total of 12 sections. Make sure to cut the next circle a bit smaller than the previous one and reduce the number of sections every so often so that the tree takes a shape of a triangle.


  • #2 Cut the circle out and slit each section to where the small circle begins.


  • #3 Bring the corners towards you and fold one end over the other. Using glue dots from the inside glue the ends together.


  • #4 Repeat until it resembles a star and flip it over.


  • #5 Use a needle, a bobby pin or a toothpick to poke a hole in the center. It is better to stick a peace of tape on the inside so that the paper wont tear when the hole is punched ;


  • #6 Fold one end of the wire into a loop so that it may stand up.


  • #7 Slip each star on the wire to form a Christmas tree.


– Try using different colored paper, for example make three Christmas trees. The biggest one from a green paper, middle one from red paper and the smallest one can be white.