Hand Winch Accessories

To get the most out of your hand winch, you need to buy some add-ons or accessories that will allow you to accomplish different tasks. With the right accessories, you can stretch the amount of load that you can put on a winch, keep yourself safer, and most loads easier than you ever thought possible with just your regular winch. Look for these accessories to make sure that you can get the most out of your winch.

Synthetic Winch Ropes

One of the most important parts of a winch is the winch rope. Traditionally, the rope is made of bound wire because of cost concerns, but they’re prone to fraying and recoiling when they snap, putting everyone around in danger. Synthetic ropes are widely used in competitions and you can use them as well to move loads easier and quicker.

Synthetic Winch Rope

The first advantage of synthetic winch ropes is that they don’t recoil when they break. A recoiling rope is one of the biggest dangers to anyone around a winch when it’s being used to tow an object. However, they’re also stronger than any wire or steel cable of the same diameter. They also don’t have the tendency to kink and bird’s nest like wire ropes sometimes do. They’re also easier to hand than wire ropes, weigh less, are able to be repaired, and aren’t as abrasive as wire winch ropes, which saves wear and tear on your winch spool.

There are some downsides to owning synthetic ropes though. They’re quite a bit more expensive than similarly-rated wire ropes. Some are also vulnerable to high heat, so if you’ll be somewhere warm make sure you find some that are rated to stand up to the heat.

Synthetic ropes make a great addition to any winch including a come along winch especially if you’re using your winch on a regular basis.

Tree Protectors

Tree protectors are an essential part of any winching kit. They are designed so that you minimize the damage that you do to trees when you anchor your winch to them. Without tree protectors, placing a bare winch cable around a tree can chip away the bark, leaving a ring in its place. This not only makes the trees ugly, but can kill them, leaving them around to fall on the trail and obstruct it. Because of this, it’s even illegal in many areas to use winches without first installing tree protectors.

Minimize the damage that you do by passing through the environment and get a quality tree protector to give your griphoist and shackles a safe anchor point.

Bow Shackles

Bow shackles are another essential piece of equipment to make sure that your hand powered winch works correctly. Hooking up your winch system will require a set of shackles. Most people will use D-shackles, but these fail at much lower stress levels than bow shackles. Keep yourself safe by picking out a pair of quality bow shackles that are the right rating for your vehicle.

Snatch Blocks

Snatch blocks aren’t an essential piece of equipment for your tirfor hand winch, but they are incredibly useful. They nearly double the amount that your winch will be able to lift, turning your small hand winch into a heavy duty one. This is done by attaching the snatch block to a fixed point. The cable is then doubled around the snatch block. This, while increasing the weight you can pull, halves the speed of the recovery because you have to pull twice as much cable.

They also help to stabilize the cable in off-center recoveries or lifts. If you plan on having difficult or heavy lifts with your winch, a set of snatch blocks can make a great addition.


The last piece of equipment that will make you winch complete is the simplest, a good pair of gloves to protect your fingers and hands. Winching can be a long, difficult process and leave your hands painful, raw, and possibly blistered. Avoid this and keep your hand in great condition by wearing a pair of protective gloves.

Winches are great tools; make sure that you get the most out of yours by having the right accessories for it. Tree protectors and gloves are almost essential to use any winch and a good set of snatch blocks or synthetic winch rope will help you use your winch in more situations much easier than you ever thought possible.