Many prefer to buy a real Christmas tree before hand to allow plenty of time  to decorate and to have a house filled with wonderful, captivating aroma of pines without which it is hard to imagine real Christmas. Perhaps many of you who bought the tree in advance have come across number one problem, keeping it alive until Christmas day or longer. Let the problem be gone!

Today i am going to share with you the tricks that have been in my family for generations and which have been passed on to me by my grandparents, who have always managed to keep their tree alive for close to two months.

First, if you plan on storing the tree on the balcony or in the garage for a few weeks rap it in paper, old newspapers or advertisements that come in the mail from stores like Stater Bros. or Von’s, as long as they do not have the glare to them.

When buying a pine tree that was outside on the snow or cold weather in general do not rush to bring it straight into the house because from sudden temperature changes it will loose all its pine needles and you will have a bold tree. Unless you don’t mind spending  the night with a hot glue gun, gluing  the needles back onto the tree =) make sure to gradually bring it up to room temperature. A better idea would be bring the tree into a garage for a few hour and only then inside the house.

Secondly, the location chosen for a Christmas tree has to be away from any heat sources like heater or a fire place, hot air causes suffocation and dries the tree faster. Make sure  location picked out for the tree has a slight breeze of fresh air going through since it is necessary for the  tree to be able to breath, yes, breath or to do the whole gas exchange and photosynthesis process, I won’t go into details and bore you with biology lol.

Alright, so after spending countless hours and finally picking the perfect Christmas tree, bringing it home and warming it to a room temperature you can  proudly pat yourself on the back as you are half way to the finish line.

Thirdly, moments before putting the tree into water cut the end to renew the cut, this allows for a better absorption of water  by the specialized cells called xylem. Sometime old cuts might have the xylem’s or other cell walls closed, preventing food and water  entering the plant for rejuvenation.

Last and the most important step is the water used for the tree, it should not be cold or hot, the best solution is to let the water stand over night to reach room temperature and to allow harmful minerals  to dissipate out of the water. Another important factor is adding  one pill of aspirin, which plays a role of antiseptic, preventing bacterial or fungi growth and a pinch of salt with a spoon of sugar serving as food for the tree. Also, keep an eye on the water level to make sure it is always full and then the Christmas tree is guaranteed  to stand up to one month!


  • It is best to buy the tree two weeks before Christmas so that is last through New Years.
  • Do not decorate lower parts of the pine tree with tinsel as dogs and cats often chew on them.

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