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Tuna Muffin Melts Recipe With Pictures

Tuna muffin Melts! This particular recipe came to my attention from a friends husband who was thought by marine buddies of his. He told a story of how the used to make tuna muffin melts every morning while being on a ship away for service. One day after a small get together he made a […]


Salmon Fillet Recipes With Pictures

INGREDIENTS: SALMON piece of BUTTER S&P PAPRICA Dry or fresh HERBS any kind will work GARLIC LEMON Foil Paper towel Makes one serving. Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 15minutes Preheat the oven to 375 degrees STEPS: #1 Apply butter to foil so the skin side doesn’t stick to it, unless non stick foil is […]


Make Simple Pancakes With Pictures

Thin and Fluffy Pancakes INGREDIENTS: –    1   Cups of WHITE FLOUR. Use any kind. I mix 1 1/4 of white and 1/4 whole wheat –    2 Cups of MILK. Preferably room temperature if not, then warm the milk up a bit. –    1 Large EGG, depending on what consistency you want the pancakes to be […]


Fun Sandwiches for Kids

Children are hesitant to eat sandwiches with vegetables they don’t like so here is an easy way to trick them into eating their daily source of vitamins. All you have to do is drive their attention away from the usual shape or form of the hated vegetable by shaping it into something else. This way […]


How to Use Incense Cones

Incense cones can be used as an air freshener, combined in aroma therapy practice, yoga, meditation or just as an atmosphere setter. That is a unique characteristic of incense as a whole; they can be used for relaxation as well as energizing. A great way to refresh a house before any occasion, make sure to […]


Prepare Fresh Fruit Salad With Pictures

This is my all time favorite recipe for any occasion! Having a BBQ with a few friends, no problem this salad will go great as an appetizer on a hot summer day or serve it as a desert with some yogurt added. Or make it a fun day at a local farm picking fruit with […]


Make a Paper Christmas Tree

Wanna spruce up an ordinary boring night and make something fun? It is very easy, here is what you need: a couple of good friends, paper, preferably green, scissors, scotch tape or glue dots, a piece of wire (an old metal hanger works well) a few beers and a CD with Christmas songs to keep […]


Hot Buzz: Healthy Ginger Recipes

A super foods go, ginger, or ginger root, has been on our radar for a long time. But outside of cakes and biscuits, what can you do with it that tastes really good, gives a burst of heat in winter AND packs a real super food punch to your diet? Easy, just take a look […]


Go Vegetarian for a Week: Dinner Recipes

Love meat? You and several billion of us, but nonetheless there are plenty of compelling reasons why even the most ardent carnivore should at least consider giving the meat a rest, if only for a few days. From a health perspective, although lean protein is great, it is never a bad idea to feed your […]


Better Coffee In 2016 The Five Best Brewing Methods

Coffee is a staple in the diet of many westerners. However, few of us take the time to brew and enjoy a better cup of coffee, much to the dismay of Italians. If you want to experience coffee at its best then, as any coffee connoisseur will profess, you need to brew it fresh. There […]

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