Botox has become the norm in the world of cosmetic enhancements. But there is also a worrying trend of users getting younger and younger. Are you thinking about trying Botox, or are you dead set against it? Either way, we all need to be aware of the Botox dangers. Read on as we explore recent developments in the world of Botox=based cosmetic enhancements

What is Botox?

Botox is a brand name for Botulinum Toxin Type A, effectively a toxin that can be used to counteract the pull of facial muscles and thereby leave you with a smoother complexion. But what are the Botox dangers?

Of all inject able treatments, Botox is the most widely known. Botox can be highly effective and is very safe – as long as it is administered by someone who is experienced and properly qualified to inject it. Under the current regulations, Botox must be prescribed by a doctor, dentist or nurse prescribe only but legally, anyone can give a Botox injection if directed by the prescribe to do so. This means that those wishing to undertake Botox treatment should be extra careful.

There is worrying talk of everyday beauty therapists, with no real medical knowledge, wanting the right to carry out this specialized procedure. Even more ludicrously, some trumpet ‘Botox parties’ as a brilliant idea, as if a mixture of alcohol-fueled fun and unregulated cosmetic procedures would ever be a wise move. Bad Botox can result in drooping eyes, ‘frozen’ faces and other unpleasant side effects, but with an unqualified person, who is to say what they are injecting you with?

Always play safe with cosmetic procedures and always choose a registered medical professional who will happily advise and assist as required.

Who Injects Botox?

Some of the main Botox dangers occur when the treatment is in the wrong hands. All good medical practitioners are aware of the importance of only carrying out cosmetic procedures that are necessary for and beneficial to their patients. They rightly view it as a professional and moral obligation that they should ensure that those seeking treatment be given the appropriate advice during consultation. The majority of surgeons behave in this way, but there is evidence that a small proportion of disreputable Botox injectors in many cases not surgeons – are straying from giving such sound advice.

The United Kingdom is currently the fastest-growing market for cosmetic procedures in the whole of Europe. Industry estimates state that in 2011 there were 669,711 surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures carried out throughout the UK. The British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons’, or BAAPS’, own figures state that 43,172 surgical procedures were carried out by BAAPS members in that year.

The Botox Market

Within the UK non-surgical market, injections of Botulinum Toxin Type A, or Botox, are a significant and widely recognised element. The non-surgical sector, of which Botox treatments forms the major part, had a value of £205 million in 2010. Looking at the largest cosmetic surgery and cosmetic procedure market, the United States, the most popular non-surgical procedure was also injections of Botulinum Toxin Type A (including Botox and Dysport). There were 8.5 million non-invasive cosmetic procedures during 2012, an increase of over 10%. Non-surgical procedures represented 83% of the total number of procedures performed.

Botox Dangers: Younger and Younger…

Botox dangers also lie in the targeting of ever-younger clients. In recent years, it has come to light in the media that young women in their late teens and early twenties are being offered Botox as a ‘preventative solution’. They are being told that they should ‘start young’ or being advised ‘the younger the better’, as if undergoing the procedures will prevent them ever developing lines and wrinkles in future.

Young women are believing this information in their droves, with some cosmetic surgery companies reporting a rises of over 50% in young adults under 25 requesting Botox. Some call this the TOWIE effect, as the popular Essex-based reality show influences viewers’ perceptions of what is normal in terms of physical appearance and maintenance.

The ‘preventative’ approach is wrong on a number of levels. Medically, it is far from proven that Botox administered to women this age is beneficial in the long term. In the short term it may simply alter rather improve their appearance, in a way that suggests those actively encouraging the young to go this route are putting profits before their ethics.

Moreover starting Botox treatments too young could have a negative effect as they enter old age. One of the results of using Botox over a very long period of time can be muscle atrophy, i.e. facial muscles starting to waste away due to lack of use. It should not be a major issue if someone starts to have Botox treatments at forty-five, but begin at 18 and the result could be a far older looking face in retirement than otherwise.

If young people are made aware of the full facts and possibilities before they decide whether to pursue Botox, they may be encouraged to avoid possible Botox dangers and make the best choices for their longer term well-being, as well as their looks.

Botox Dangers

Still Want Botox? Top Tips

  1. Only every seek advice form a reputable, registered clinician – give the beauty therapists a miss on this occasion: Botox may be commonplace, but it is still based upon the administration of a toxin.
  2. Beware the gimmicky and faddish offers that can sometimes be associated with this aesthetic treatment. Give 2-for-1s, Botox Nights and money-off promotions a wide berth. These are one of the major botox dangers. You only have one body, one face however deep you may feel your lines are, never hand your looks over to sometime who just want to make a quick buck.
  3. Don’t over-do it. Don’t be tempted to try to have sessions of too many Botox treatments: another one of the Botox dangers. A real doctor will not let you put yourself in harm’s way, which is why you are far better off sticking to a real pro.
  4. Give yourself a cooling-off period in which to check out the botox dangers. You may think you are desperate for Botox. But just in case, take time out before committing to a course of treatments. Always remember: beauty really is just skin deep and health and happiness count above all else!

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